Sometimes a good intention leads to the opposite result.

             I remember when I was 5 years old I saw that the postman was bringing the newspapers in our five-story building only to the second floor and putting them there in the mailboxes.

             “And what about the inhabitants of the upper floors?” – I thought, and decided to do a good deed. I pulled the newspapers out of the mailboxes and brought them personally to each neighbor from the upper floors. Many people greeted me cordially and praised my initiative. At that moment I was really happy with the feeling of my need for people and with the brought benefits to them.

             This lasted for several days.

             And then I was sometimes met with disgruntled faces. Sometimes my visit was inopportune and irritating. Finally, one day one of the neighbors told my mother that not all newspapers reach them through my delivery.

             I almost burst into tears when I heard it. “How is that possible? I just wanted to help people, but now I am suspected of stealing newspapers?”.

             Now every time I try to do something good, and in return I get a misunderstanding and even discontent and aggression, I think of those newspapers.

             Perhaps I was the guilty.

             We must be ready for such reactions too.

             Even the best intentions sometimes lead to the opposite result.

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