Recently I had an intimate talk with one colleague. He is much younger than I am and only begins a career.

     – How old are you now? What did you achieve by your years? Does it correspond to your life plans? – I began the conversation in instructive tones as an elder.

     – Everything is according to plan, – he replies.

     – But some of your coevals are already department directors, while you are still the chief specialist.

     – By this time, I planned to have good health and physical form. By current moment, I am able to swim 5 kilometers, squeeze 100 kilograms.

     By this age, I planned to have a high professional level. I graduated from university, and MBA, I have IELTS 6 points.

     By this age, I planned to read 100 of the greatest books of mankind. I read them and now I read modern classics, I do not miss premier theaters and art exhibitions.

     I have a wonderful family: a spouse, children. I am fine. I am growing up. And grow with good speed.

     – But how about a career? Posts?

     – What for? Am I more stupid, weaker, more unhappy than my peers who are above me in office? The post is not my goal. The main thing is internal growth. Moreover, posts, regalia are just a consequence and a reflection of my inner growth.

     This person surprised me. Also has forced to reflect.

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