Recently I was given an opportunity to ride an Italian train.

            To begin with, I bought tickets on the Internet. Well, this is not surprising for us, Kazakhs. Our KR (Kazakh railway) has been selling them through its website for a long time.

            But the case is that I did not meet anyone at the entrance. There was not a guide scanning you from head to toe and carefully checking documents. You could enter into any wagon and go to your already by train. Fortunately, the doors between the wagons are automatic here, and you do not need to open them with the rumble and effort.

            And only in the middle of the way I saw the guide, or rather the conductor. He walked along the train and checked the tickets. Someone had paper tickets, and I just handed him my phone, where my e-ticket with a barcode was opened. He scanned the barcode on his cell phone. Something squeaked in his phone. The conductor smiled, thanked me and went on.

            I understood that this is how some mobile application works. Apparently, it reads the barcode and identifies me as a ticket buyer. Everything is done automatically. In the hands of the conductor there is only his own cell phone.

           When will we have the same system?

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