I noticed an interesting detail: in Italy, sitting at a table of a restaurant or a cafe, we, as usual, took our phones and started communicating with virtual friends, but not with each other. We are already like zombies, obsessed with the Internet and smartphones. And when I casually looked around I have suddenly found that besides us, Kazakhs, and some Koreans, no one at the table was busy with their smartphones. Everyone was eating, talking with each other, communicating. No one was making a photo of food, or doing a selfie, or scribbling posts on Facebook. As if they left their homes in the house at all or turned them off.

          What is it? A new trend in Europe?

          Are we lagging behind again? Maybe they have already moved to the next stage, and being on the phone at the table is a bad manner as how to pick a toothpick in your mouth? 🙂

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