One of the capital’s radio stations came up with a good action for the development of interethnic relations in our country. The other day I was driving in a car and listening to a broadcast about interesting facts of some ethnic groups living in Kazakhstan.

           For example, I learned that Armenians call themselves “hai”, and Poles call themselves “polacy”. Quite interesting.

           I think we need to learn more about each other, to be interested in culture, history, traditions.

           In general, I believe that our policy in interethnic relations should be built on the following principle: “The preservation of the diversity of ethnic groups in a single Kazakhstani nation! or Unity in diversity”.

           This means that inside Kazakhstan we must treat the culture, history and characteristics of each nationality with care and respect, but outside of Kazakhstan an Armenian, Pole, Russian, Greek or German should proudly say “I am a Kazakhstani (not an Armenian, not a Pole and not Russian, but a Kazakhstani)! Our national dish is beshbarmak (not borshch, shaurma or croutons). Our state language is Kazakh (not Russian). We are descendants of nomads”, etc. That is, outside of our country we must forget about all differences between ourselves and be represented as a single Kazakhstani nation.

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