I spent a lot of time watching the scandal around the poster with “kissing” Kurmangazy and Pushkin. I also decided to express my opinion.

          Why did this picture stir up many Kazakhstanis? Why did some of them even sued and demanded to pay moral damage in million sums?

           It turned out that an involuntary association of great classics with homosexuals offended their feelings.


            That’s the key word in this whole story. Indignant people believe that ranking someone as homosexual is equal to offence. That is, they consider homosexuals to be unworthy or criminal.

             But I do not think so.

             I consider homosexuals to be the same people as everyone else. Therefore, I do not consider a hint of non-traditional orientation as an insult, just as, for example, I consider a person to be a vegetarian or a Hare Krishna. Therefore, the mention of Kurmangazy and Pushkin did not affect my high feelings for them. I’ll tell you more. If it was suddenly found out that they really were people with non-traditional sexual orientation, I would not have cooled to their poems and kyuis, I would still love and respect them. Because it does not matter to me what kind of sexual orientation a person is (to be honest, I am absolutely indifferent to it), it’s more important to me what he is like, as a person.

              P.S. I would like to make it quite clear: I do not like homosexual relations and they seem disgusting to me. But I’m also uncomfortable with alcohol and tobacco, flabby beer tummies and much more. Well, what should I do? If people like to poison themselves or ruin their health, and yet they do not threaten me, why should I interfere with them? This is their own business. This is freedom of the individual.

              P.P.S. As a moderate liberal I advocate the freedom of sexual relations, but I am against the propaganda of homosexual relations among children, that is, in public places. However, in this case, as far as I know, the poster was made for private use and its wide distribution was not planned.

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