Check yourself: do you belong to liberals or to socialists. Answer the seven questions, respectively putting the letter L or S. At the end of the test, add all the answers with the letter L and with the letter S.


     1. If you think that the human personality is the highest value in the world, that every person has the right to be selfish and to love himself more than anyone else, put the letter L. If you think that the interests of one person cannot outweigh the interests of the collective, one person must obey to society and live according to the laws of society, put the letter S.

     2. If you think that every person should be responsible for himself, rely only on himself and his forces, achieve welfare by his mind, work and perseverance, without demanding or expecting anything from others and from the state, put the letter L. If you think that people are not to blame for being born different, someone is smarter, someone is more stupid, someone is quirky, someone is more straightforward, but the state must take care about all its citizens, including the unlucky and unsuccessful, give food and shelter to the poor due to a partial withdrawal of money from the rich, put the letter S.

     3. If you think that an intelligent, hardworking, successful person can earn millions and even billions, and then dispose of this money at his discretion, up to the point that he can burn it or bequeath to his dog, put the letter L. If you think that any millionaire owes his wealth to society, that he should pay this debt not only through taxes, but also through charity, the maintenance of social facilities, help the poor and so on, put the letter S.

     4. If you believe that everyone has the right to dispose of their life and themselves on their own, so he or she can be a heterosexual or homosexual, a virgin or a prostitute, a teetotaler or an alcoholic, and can commit suicide, put the letter L. If you believe that a person’s life belongs to society and society is responsible for the fate of a person, so it can forbid him to be a homosexual, a prostitute, an alcoholic, a drug addict, a parasite, and also forbid him to commit suicide, put the letter S.

     5. If you think that private enterprises a priori work better and more efficiently than public enterprises, that private owners are more sore for their business, so they will manage it better than hired managers of state enterprises, put the letter L. If you think that private entrepreneurs are only aiming at profit and are not able to think about the welfare of society, it is more appropriate for large enterprises to keep state property, that is, under the control of society, put the letter S.

     6. If you believe that competition between private entrepreneurs is the best engine of progress, and thanks to it the strongest and best companies, solutions and ideas survive, put the letter L. If you think that free market production leads to huge losses of resources, because everyone produces at their own peril and risk, that it is much more efficient to conduct a planned economy, when it is initially known how much to produce and for whom, put the letter S.

     7. If you believe that there are no irreplaceable people, that the head of state should be re-elected regularly, even if he has broad support among the population, that the succession of power is the guarantee of the stability of society and its development, put the letter L. If you think that stability is more important than democracy, that individual freedom can be sacrificed for the sake of preserving tranquility in the country and preventing shocks, put the letter S.

     If you have 7 Ls and 0 Ss, then you are an extreme liberal. Most likely, your views and way of life cause exclusion from others, you are uncomfortable living in Kazakhstan, you don’t feel at ease here.

     If you have more Ls than Ss, then you are a moderate liberal. Most likely, you are a representative of the middle class, you are an independent person and adhere to pro-Western views.

     If you have fewer Ls than Ss, then you are a moderate socialist. Most likely, you work in an office or at an enterprise as a hired worker, perhaps you are a social worker: a doctor, a teacher, an akimat employee. You strongly depend on the state and expect it to solve your problems.

     If you have 0 Ls and 7 Ss, then you are a strongly pronounced socialist. You yearn for the USSR and hope to return to those times. You respect Stalin, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Vladimir Putin and think that the state must be managed by a real strong man. You dream of living in a great power, which everyone is afraid and respected.

     That’s it. Now you know who you are and you will find it easier to navigate in discussions, because subconsciously like-minded people are drawn to each other and express similar views on various issues.

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