The last time when I’ve been in Milan, I noticed that more graffiti appeared on the walls and thus, the city seemed dirtier and more unsatisfactory. I asked one taxi driver what was wrong. He, like all taxi drivers knew the answers to all the questions and thus, has willingly told me that it is about the current Mayor of Milan. It turned out that he was an informal member and indulged in this art in his youth. “So, do you imagine,” says the taxi driver, “the first thing the current mayor did after the election was the police order not to touch the teenagers drawing graffiti on the walls. This is how it all started, – the taxi driver sadly said. Now there are a lot of painted walls in almost every street of Milan. Well, that’s ok, – he smiled maliciously, – we have an election of the mayor next year. I think all Milanese will gladly vote against him, and we will have a new mayor. ”

            And I thought about my own mayor. How lucky Milanese are that they can choose a mayor. For such a right, hell with it, I’m ready to handle graffiti on the walls.

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