Strange metamorphosis occurs with some words.

             For example, here is the harmless scientific word “Negro”. It always denoted the people of the Negroid race. This is not an insult or a compliment. Just a statement of fact. But some people thought that this word contains hidden discrimination, and the whole world now has no right to call representatives of the Negroid race a negro. It is necessary to say “African American”. And what if this is not an American, but a Frenchman of Algerian origin, then how?

             Or moreover. It would seem that quite recently a substitute for the word “Negro” for “black” (although, in my opinion, this word is no better than the old one) was found. We just began to get used to this word and again a surprise: now the word “black” also became abusive.

             What a misfortune!

             P.S. I myself belong to the Mongoloid race and do not complex about it at all, as well as about the words “yellow” or “color”))) You can call me any of these words to denote my race (where it is required by context).

             P.P.S. Exactly the same metamorphosis now occurs with the word “invalid”. It becomes indecent to call invalids this word. We try to call them with the long phrase “people with disabilities”. What for? We did not become any more merciful to them, did not become more helpful to them because of this. Nothing has changed. The only attitude of people to the word itself has changed. In my opinion, this is nonsense.

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