If you work hard to earn money and spend it on buying a house or a car, or on travels, then, most likely, you will not become a millionaire. If money is not your goal, but only a means, an instrument with which you can make astonishing deals, build cities, produce new products and so on, then you are on your way to your first million and billion.


          If you dream of fame, if you enjoy the fans looking at you, count the number of ‘likes’ and friends, delight in mentions of you in the press, then most likely, you will not become a mega-star. If you are in love with what you do, do everything you can, then you are an enthusiastic person, and your creativity will attract millions of fans.


          If power is sweet for you, if you like to prove your superiority to yourself and other people, if you consider every new promotion as an occasion for pride and self-affirmation, then most likely you will not become a great leader. If power for you is simply a means to achieve great results in serving people, an opportunity to accomplish a larger scale of affairs, then, perhaps, you are on your way to owning millions of minds and hearts.

        Do not think about Money, Fame and Power. Just set yourself a great goal and go for it. And Money, Fame and Power will join you on this path.

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