I do not understand why the akim of Astana must travel around the city accompanied by policemen. Why should they make way for him, stop the movement?

     They say that he has many important things to do and he needs to be there on time.

     But don’t hundreds of managers of private companies and state organizations rush along the same streets every day to do things which are no less important? How do they manage to get everywhere on time?

     Moreover, two dozen ministers travel around the capital every day. They travel unaccompanied. Is it really that ministers, who head entire industries on a countrywide scale, are less important? Of course not. But they somehow manage to attend government meetings, briefings, other events. How do they manage without it? Why cannot the akim do so?

     Maybe it’s just necessary to get used to living like everyone else and count your time? Just leave 15 minutes earlier?

     If this does not help, then maybe remember the person responsible for the order in the city and the traffic on the streets is the person who hides from these problems with a police motorcade?

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