My classmates and fellow students often ask me: How did you withstand the ravages of time? Like, for my age I look pretty young.

     It’s nice to hear such compliments.

     If someone is really interested, I’m ready to share some secrets.

     Firstly, I don’t drink alcohol.

     Nothing at all. Even beer, champagne and cocktails. Why? I just do not like it. I cannot overcome the aversion to the unpleasant smell and taste of alcoholic beverages. I can have fun without it. Then why drink? To damage the liver, to age the body, to muddle the mind?

     Secondly, I don’t smoke.

     I don’t see absolutely any advantages in smoking. Only disadvantages: danger of lung cancer, unpleasant odor, unnatural color of the face and fingers, the cost of buying cigarettes. Then why smoke?

     Third, I try to eat healthy.

     I don’t eat fatty, fried, sweet food, hardly ever eat meat and dairy products. I try to eat more vegetables and fruit.

     Unfortunately, everything tasty is usually fatty, fried or sweet. However, if you realize the harm from these kinds of food and abstain for a while, then a healthy diet gradually becomes a habit and ceases to be burdensome. And after a while – even more: you feel bad after eating junk food, the body does not take it.

     Fourthly, I try to drink plenty of water.

     Every morning, after waking up, first thing I do is drink a glass of water. Then, when I come to work, I put on my table a half-liter bottle of water and I always finish it before lunch. After lunch – another bottle of water.

     Fifthly, I am very careful about sleep.

     For me, not to sleep enough is worse than not to eat. I try to stay up no later than 11 pm, but I always get up at 7 am. In the afternoon, after lunch, I always sleep for half an hour.

     Sixthly, I go in for sports regularly.

     Every morning I do gymnastics with yoga elements for half an hour.

     Three times a week I play my favorite sport – football. From it I get aerobic exercise and emotional pleasure. The other three days of the week, I usually go to the gym and do power exercises. This is necessary for the muscles and good body shape.

     Seventhly, I constantly work on my spiritual growth.

     You may wonder, how are appearance and spiritual growth connected. However, I personally feel that there is a connection. Over the years I try to be less angry, irritated, offended, talking and thinking about people badly. I feel that my good state of mind is reflected in my appearance.

     These are all my rules.

     I don’t know whether they are correct or not.

     And I do not impose them on anyone.

     I just was asked and I told about them. And then let everyone decide for himself.

     Be happy and healthy!

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