What’s my attitude towards Russia?

             I respect it, because for me Russia is not only Putin, Zhirinovsky, Kiselev.

             For me, Russia, first of all, is Lomonosov, Mendeleev, Pushkin, Tolstoy, Popov, Gagarin, the great sons of their Motherland, people, who made a great contribution to the formation of all mankind.

             For me, Russia is millions of Russians who gave their lives together with Kazakhs, Belarusians, Ukrainians and many more in their fight against Hitler’s fascism.

             For me, Russia is also Elena Mikhailovna Levykina, a Russian citizen, my teacher at school, who taught me to be more tolerant and kinder to people.

             These people and millions of other normal, adequate, intelligent, kind Russians are Russia for me. How can I think bad of this country?

             It’s true I do not like Putin’s policy. It’s true I am indignant with some of Zhirinovsky’s speeches. It’s true Kiselev’s broadcasts terrify me. And yes, it’s true that I feel ashamed for some Russians abroad. But all this will not outweigh that great sense of respect for Russia that I had before them. I think that one mustn’t extend his dislike for individual Russians to a whole nation.

            Putin, Zhirinovsky and Kiselev will pass, and the current massive imperial psychosis will pass as well, and Russia will remain. Therefore, yes, I respect Russia, although sometimes I criticize it and its leadership, criticize the features of some Russians, which are bad in my opinion.

            Doing so, I hope it will get better.

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