During these days, the whole world commemorates the victory of the international coalition over Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy. This day symbolizes the victory over the ideology of national superiority and political despotism. Therefore, yes, this is a holiday. And I believe that on this day, we should rejoice in the victory over evil. I congratulate war veterans on Victory Day, admire their courage and heroism, and give them their due. However, it is important to understand that this holiday should not serve as a pretext for revenge. Slogans like “We can repeat it!” or “To Berlin!” carry a completely different message. This is not joy over the victory over Nazism; this is an attempt to extol the greatness of the Soviet Union (and now – Russia), and with that, I categorically disagree. The victory of the coalition over Nazism and fascism DOES NOT MEAN the victory of the Soviet regime over the Western way of life. Even though the Soviet Union played a key role in the Victory, we must not forget about the tragedies brought about by the communist regime. In terms of cruelty towards its citizens, it was no less than Nazi Germany. We must not allow propagandists to substitute these concepts.

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