Recently I bought a watch that suits me completely.

     Firstly, it has hands for hours, minutes, seconds. And they are large and well visible on the dial. Moreover, they are phosphoric, so they are visible even in the dark. My previous watch was with thin white gold hands. They looked impressive, but weren’t clearly seen against the dial, so I had to strain my eyes and look for them.

     Secondly, it shows the date and day of the week. It’s convenient. My previous watch also showed month and year. But, to be honest, I never got drunk to such an extent that I did not remember the year and month. So why would I need these functions?

     Thirdly, it is a quartz watch. You do not have to start it every day, put on the winding mechanism for the night. I can leave it in the table for two days off and on Monday I’ll know for sure that it works. I remember the seller of expensive self-winding watches telling me, “In three years a quartz watch will stop. And imagine that you were on an uninhabited island. How do you make your watch work there?”. True, I thought and bought a self-winding watch. Do you know how many times I ended up on uninhabited islands after that? Right. Not once! Then why do I need an expensive automatic winding mechanism in my watch?

     Fourthly, it is concise. There’s nothing excessive on its dial. For example, on one watch I had a chronograph. I could start the stopwatch, stop it, start it again and reset it. A very interesting thing. But for the whole time I used this function only once, when I bought the watch and checked the mechanisms. Just once. And I also had a watch that showed the phases of the moon. I always wanted to see a man who would have taken an interest in these very phases at least once. Personally, I have never met such people.

     Fifthly, my watch is light. It does not have unnecessary functions, which means extra iron.

     Sixthly, it is cheap. I bought it for 300 euros. My previous watch cost 5,000 euros. I bought it when I wanted to show people how important I am. Now I’m not trying to do it with the help of a watch anymore.

     P.S. What is this post about?

     Of course, not about the watch. It’s about the pattern of thought and lifestyle.

     I dream of the times when Kazakhs will forget bragging, when our millionaires will wear simple T-shirts and jeans, cheap watches, drive ordinary cars and think not about how to impress others, but to make themselves useful, without being distracted by external tinsel.

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