When I’m abroad on vacation, my favorite occupation is to get settled somewhere in a cafe at a table in a crowded street, watch people from all over the world and guess their nationality.

         Here, for example, there is a family of tall blondes: red faces, light hair, lots of children, weather. They speak an incomprehensible language. Clear. They are Scandinavians. I do not know what their state came up with, but their fertility is growing right before our eyes. In recent years, a family of less than five people they do not see.

         Here is the second pair: Asians. It looks strange – a guy in a fitted suit and sneakers, a haircut – an Iroquois, an earring in his ear, a backpack behind his shoulder. A girl with bright red hair, in a short skirt, in bright screaming pantyhose, on a high platform. In general – aliens to some extent. Nevertheless, I have no doubt. They are Japanese. This nation, apparently because of the fact that for a long time it developed in isolation on its islands, has turned into an unlike phenomenon. Their clothes and appearance are completely different. They can not be confused.

         In addition, here are some other Asians. They are going by a group. Mostly adults. Dressed all equally and underlined modestly, monotonously, I would even say it is gray. They walk quickly and excitedly, their eyes scouring through the windows. Line up in the queue at the stores “Lui Vitton”. It is Chinese.

          Here is an elderly couple. Europeans. Dressed elegantly. It is seen that it is expensive. Both are well-groomed. Tightened. A man in a suit with a scarf. Cufflinks. Hair in bryoline. The woman is tanned. Cosmetics are slightly larger than those of other European women. Light trousers and moccasins. There is a little dog beside him. Definitely, they are Italians.

          And here is another family. Big, noisy. Parents and children are full. They are dressed in wide pants and wide variegated shirts. Sandals on bare feet. The children are talking loudly. Behave in a proper way, do not be shy. They are the children of a free country – America.

         One more sketch: a young family of Asians, dressed with taste, restrained. On the man there are clothes of eminent brands, but without catchy labels, it could be assumed by expensive watches and shoes that people are rich. The woman is well-groomed, without a bright make-up, clothes simple, but adjusted and accurate. They behave modestly, politely, do not attract attention to themselves. Who are they?

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