I wistfully note that in our society tension between Muslims and other citizens sometimes arises. Many people associate Muslims with gloomy people who fanatically repeat their prayers and are incapable of thinking about anything other than about the literal fulfillment of the Koran postulates and intense tracking of others. Such people usually wear long beards and are dressed in short pants or a black hijab (full Islamic veil). Such image of Muslims, naturally, does not add affection to them from others. Accordingly, doesn’t make our society more tolerant and comfortable. I, though I’m an atheist, always advocate for tolerance between people of different views on religion. I dream of a benevolent attitude between Muslims and Christians, Buddhists and atheists, between all. But how to achieve this? I, for example, try to convince others with words. And there are those who go the other way. They, by their example, change the image of Muslims, and especially Muslim women, in our society. Once they ask very simple questions: “Why should Muslim women always be serious? Do not joke, do not laugh, do not sing, do not dance, do not enjoy life? Why should they walk necessarily in black hijab or burqa? Why cannot they look beautiful, cheerful, feminine at the same time obeying the laws of religion, covering the body parts from prying eyes? ” In this way they create the idea of ​​wearing Muslim clothes by Muslim women in a modern, more casual, free, but, nevertheless, in the Muslim style. And now in the streets of our cities you can meet girls in modern Muslim clothes. I hope that the beautifully dressed Muslim women will change the opinion of others about them and the whole Islam for the better. Islam is not a gloomy religion!
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