– Uncle Marat. Why do you listen to old songs? What is good about them? I do not even understand what they are about.

     – Try to listen, my nephew. If you do not understand, I will explain.

     Listen to this:

     “Circular bail smears like soot.”

     You recently entered the civil service. Did you have such situation when one of the colleagues at the expense of his post does something for himself? You do not pay attention to this, and then when you need to get something, he closes his eyes on your pranks. Does it happens?

     – Yeah, it happens. On a trifle.

     – This is called a “circular bail”. It smears like soot. Once you touch it a little bit, close your eyes to some violations and abuses, and in the end, you are already smeared in this soot. Then it is already inconvenient to behave yourself as an honest person. You lower your eyes and go after everyone.

     Here are these lines about you and your colleagues:

     “Chained by one chain,

     Bound by one purpose.”

     Listen further:

     “Here the joints are sluggish, and the spaces are huge.

     Here the compounds crumpled to make the columns…

     And I hold the equation, even kissing …”

     These lines refer to leveling. Individuality was not welcomed in the Soviet Union. All had to be the same. People were fond of building in columns and forced to march in formation.

     “Eagles are dropped here for the sake of broiler chickens.”

     Under such a system, bright personalities were doomed. Whoever had an opinion different from everyone risked losing everything. They were thrown down, even though they were proud eagles. Nevertheless, broiler chicken, brainless and uniform, were convenient for the system, and they were supported.

     “It is also possible to believe in the absence of faith.”

     This is about our total atheism under Soviet power.

     “You can do the absence of the case.”

     In this short line the whole essence of the socialist economy is. There were a huge number of organizations that were not focused on the result. You could just sit in the workplace from 9 AM to 6 PM and with a proud look get paid for it.

     “Beggars are praying, praying for

     That their poverty is guaranteed. ”

     These words are wonderful ones about those who dream of living in socialism. Who wants to have a guaranteed job and a salary, a guaranteed apartment, a car, a dacha. Who wants everyone to be equal. That there were no rich. They will prefer to die in poverty, but that all are in poverty along with them. So, that no one lives better than others. This is the psychology of levelers.

     “Some words for the kitchens, others for the streets.”

     These lines are about official information that did not correspond to reality. They showed on TV and printed one in newspapers, but in life, everything was different. Therefore, in the kitchens, that is, alone, people spoke quite differently, from what people said.

     “And if there are those who come to you,

     There will also be those who will come for you. ”

     Wonderful words about the atmosphere of denunciation. Those who only yesterday came to visit you and drank tea with you at the same table, tomorrow can report to you. Then they will come no longer to you, but to you. People in uniform.

     – Interesting. I would not understand the words of this song without you. However, much of what is being sung here is still today.

     – Yes. Thirty years ago these songs were revolutionary. “Time Machine”, “Cinema”, “DDT”, “Nautilus Pompilius”. Young people woke up to their songs. Perestroika, democracy, freedom, independence – all this was like the morning after a hopeless night.

     Then gradually, imperceptibly, we slid back into this swamp. Now, in thirty years, these songs again seem relevant.

     Thus, young people, listen to the right old songs or write your own new ones. To wake up.

     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0QuEpg4V4U&list=PLepak2Ybt75C7qx-  H4Bkxqsu3Ea2zKwwV&index=3

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