I do not know why, but in the unspoken Olympic medal ranking, the ratings are made exclusively on gold medals (see the attached file for the order of countries at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics). Even the total number of medals is not taken into account. So, China, which won 70 medals, is only on the third place, after the UK, which has 67 medals. Just because the UK has one gold medal more.

     I consider this approach to the ranking wrong.

     It is not fair that silver and bronze medals are completely ignored in it. It means that we should not take into account the victories (though not gold ones) of our such remarkable sportsmen as Vasily Levit, Eldos Smetov, Zhazira Zhapparkul, Adilbek Niyazymbetov and others.

     Huge long-term work, blood and sweat of athletes were simply crossed out.

     Is this fair?

     I think that it is more correct to take into account all medals in the team rating, but to evaluate them differentially. For example, consider a gold medal as three points, silver as two, and bronze as one. Then all of the medals, albeit to varying degrees, will increase the country’s coin box in the overall ranking.

     I altered the table according to this approach, and this is how it turned out (see the second table in the same file).

     The lower part of the first ten has changed a lot. France outran the Japan and rose to the 6th place. South Korea slid down from 8th place to 10th. But most importantly, Kazakhstan climbed one step ahead of our brothers Uzbeks. I think that’s fair. Yes, they have one more gold medal, but just one. And we have three more silver medals and two bronze medals. No doubt, in the overall ranking, we must stand a step higher.

     So I congratulate all of us with 21 places in the team medal ranking!

     P.S. In fact, the above rating is unofficial. You will not find it on the website of the International Olympic Committee. But there is an unofficial medal ranking (in any case, Google gives it when you search for it). Someone makes it every time and always persistent in counting only gold medals. We must put an end to this and bring in a new, correct calculation! )))

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