Have you ever wondered why it is May 7?

What happened that day?

Maybe the great Kazakh batyrs won some kind of historical victory over the Dzungars? Or did the liberation detachments of Amangelda die a heroic death on this day? Or did the turning point of the battle in World War II take place on this day?

No. It was just on this day in 1992 that some clerk of the Administration of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan decided to bring the documents accumulated over the long May holidays to the head of state for signature. Why not later, in June, for example? It is quite possible that this clerk was planning to go on vacation in June and therefore did not want to leave unfinished documents on his desk.

Don’t you think it’s absurd to celebrate public holidays on the day of signing a decree or a law on the creation or approval of something? Signing a document is just a bureaucratic procedure. Its last stage in the form of the signature of the President of the country or the Chairman of the Parliament does not carry any meaningful significance. So why get tied to the date of signing the document?

Because of this stupid tradition, we have the third big holiday in May between May 1 and May 9 and we don’t work for almost half a month.

Wouldn’t it be more rational to move the Defenders of the Fatherland Day to another day tied to significant historical events, and convenient from the practical side?

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