Today I heard on the radio that one of the deputies of the Parliament from the non-ruling (it could be said, opposition) Communist Party said on the sidelines of the regular session of Parliament: “We will do our best to fulfill the tasks set by the President of the country …”

            From these words, as from an old, damp cellar, the Soviet past snapped into the face. The images of the Congress of the CPSU, raised together by the delegates’ hands in a single outburst of the “approving” (“odobryamsovsky”) voting, the oath of allegiance to the native party and personally to Comrade Lenin, Stalin, Khrushchev, and so on, surfaced before our eyes.

            How to explain to the gentleman (or rather, to a comrade) a deputy that we are living in a different era? Maybe he just does not know?

           Nowadays, the President of the country is no longer the “father of the peoples” and he should not be thanked for the fact that the sun rises every day at dawn, that our Parliament is an independent branch of power that is not subordinate to the President. Parliamentarians should not carry out instructions from the President. They must pass laws for the good of the people. In this case, not always in agreement with the executive power.

           As they say, we left the “scoop”, but the “scoop” has not come out from us yet.

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