Recently, at a meeting with the youth, I was asked: “What main message could you give to young people?”

     What is the question! It is similar to the question of the meaning of life.

     I thought about it and replied “The main conclusion of life, which I made to my years, is this: Everything is in the hands of man! In all his troubles, only he is guilty. Only he is his own master of victories.

     Every day every one of us makes a choice. In all. In the big and small.

     Here is one schoolchild since childhood, zealous, hardworking and ambitious. Tonight he will go to the sports section or will do his homework. And here is another pupil. He will prefer to go for a walk in the yard with friends or play computer games. I condemn none of them. Just one chose work and progress in school, and the second – rest and good relationships with friends. One will get a high score on the UNT and enter the university, and the second will go to work as the worker. Everyone has chosen his own way and should not blame anyone for anything.

     Here is one university student who studies hard every night to gain knowledge and become a highly paid specialist. He loses something. Most likely, he loses friendly communication, reckless fun and other things. Another student spends more time in companies, with a beer mug and in front of the TV. He, most likely, will not become an outstanding figure, but he will have many sincere friends. He chose this and should not blame the first student for becoming rich and famous. Everyone chose his own way.

     Here you have a millionaire in his limousine. Do not think that his life is sugar. He experiences and worries sometimes more than any of us, sometimes does not sleep at night, sometimes envies even his employees, since their burden of responsibility is much less than his one. He loses much in life, but for this, he has fame and wealth. That is he made the kind of choice.

     You could be in his shoes. But one day many years ago you went to play computer games, meanwhile he went to do homework.

     Decide for yourself what is more important and interesting for you and reach your goal.

     On this way, you will gain a lot and lose a lot. Do not blame anyone for this.

     You made your own choice.”

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