A woman and her adult son lived in a village. The son drank a lot, and because of that could not find a job or start a family. Nothing was going well with him.

     One day a woman brought her son to the most respected elder in the village, a wise man, and asked him to bring her son to his senses. She hoped that at least his words would make the young man stop drinking.

     The elder listened to the woman, pondered, and then asked her to bring her son in a month.

     The woman was surprised, but listened to him and brought her son again on the appointed day.

     This time the sage spoke in detail with the young man, told him about the dangers of alcohol, the influence of drinking on his fate, the melting hopes of his mother, etc.

     After the conversation, the son thanked the old man and went home lost in thoughts, and the woman stopped and asked the old man why he did not tell her son all these words last time. To which the sage replied that a month ago he himself drank alcohol, and it took him a while to stop drinking. “How can I urge others for something, if I do not do it myself?” he asked.

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