Most people react painfully to criticism. They resent, question the authority of the critic, seek his shortcomings, and take revenge.

           You can often hear such dialogues:

           I think you are mistaken in your hypothesis.

           What do you understand about the economy? It is better to do own stuff!

           I do not like your project.

           Have you done anything in your life? First do, then criticize!

           It seems to me that this dress does not suit you.

           Look at yourself! You dressed like a cow! Don’t teach me!

           I sincerely, as a child, rejoice when I meet people who take criticism nobly, with honor and even with gratitude.

           They do not muddle their critics, do not take their words as an insult, but try to find useful for themselves, to learn lessons.

           For this, of course, you need to have a strong spirit. You need to be self-confident. It is necessary to be able to perceive criticism, not as a judgement, but as a hint on the way for improvement.

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