Probably, in each team of negotiators there are “hawks” and “pigeons”.

         “Hawks” are people who adhere to a tough, aggressive policy. They advocate a complete victory in the negotiations, often take an uncompromising stance on certain issues. Any compromise is considered a betrayal of the interests of the team or the Motherland.

         “Pigeons” are peaceful negotiators. They take a soft stance and believe that maintenance of peace and mutual understanding is more important for the relations of the parties. “Pigeons” are more willing to compromise. They understand that it is possible to concede something in order to win something better. They think that acting from a position of strength is an incorrect tactic. It can help you win the battle, but not the war. A defeated opponent may admit defeat, but will hold a grudge and will seek an opportunity to take revenge.

         Therefore, the philosophy of “pigeons” is as follows: leave behind yourself not ruins, but gardens. Let your former enemy become your friend. Leave a little place in your victory for his pride and dignity. Then he will not stab you in the back.

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