When I see how the police brutally and rudely disperse rallies and demonstrations, I always have one question for these policemen: why do you hate these people so much? These are not murderers, not rapists, not robbers. These are the same citizens of our country, like you, your parents, friends, etc. You go with these people along the same streets, dine in the same restaurants, sit in the theaters on the neighboring chairs. Perhaps your children go to one kindergarten, and maybe you met and nicely greeted with them there. We are all fellow citizens, brothers and sisters. So why do we have such hatred for each other, as if we are enemies in a great war?

          I understand that maintaining public order and detaining the protesters is your job. But you can respect your opponents at the same time. After 15 days they will be released and will again meet with you in the kindergarten. How will you look into their eyes?

          I do not want the police to beat the protesters, the more so I do not want the police to shoot unarmed citizens and finish off the wounded. I want the police to do their work with honor and dignity, with in-depth respect for people, tactfully but firmly.

          I also do not want the protesters to pick up cobblestones and throw them at the policemen. I want the protesters, even if they do not agree with the laws of our country, obey the authorities and without arms assault go to the courts. Physical resistance will not change the situation, you will finally go to the court, but only with bruises and abrasions. Why do we need to inflame the situation and cause the malice of these young guys in the service? They will not back down because of your resistance. Laws are not changed by these ordinary policemen. So why do we need to beat them?

          I do not want war in our country.

          I want to keep our relations civilized and human even in such extreme situations.

          We are not enemies. Tomorrow we will all walk along the same streets.

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