I spoke to a vegetable wholesaler in a market in Astana.

He procures potatoes, onions, carrots; cabbage etc. from farmers in the regions, and later on sells them in the market to restaurants, cafeterias, cafes and shops.

Here is what he says, that corruption and bribes are a blooming industry not only in the government but also in the private sector too.

According to him, almost every second buyer asks him to sign an overpriced invoice. In other words, the receipt says that the employee of a restaurant bought, potatoes, say, 80 tenge worth on the market, but actually pays 70 tenge to his friend. The employee gets to put 10 tenge per kilogram in his pocket. Since it does not affect him at all, he signs an invoice stating any price.

I can imagine how many such buyers there are across the country procuring cheaper goods, and showing their bosses marked up invoices, hence, stealing from their company.

Therefore, bosses, be vigilant!

Corruption is not only at the top. It is also among us. Moreover, it is as dangerous as governmental corruption.

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