Why do most countries of the world dislike Russian “getting up from their knees” and revanchism?

In fact, the idea of a multipolar world is quite popular not only in Russia and China, but also in Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. Many people understand that the world domination of one country– the United States of America, is unacceptable. This is a monopoly, and monopoly is always bad, both for the economy and for politics, culture and science. Therefore, many countries would like the United States of America to be opposed by a sufficiently strong player. And even better – a few.

But most people in developed countries would like such a counterweight to be a civilized country, and not a dictator with nuclear weapons. That is why the progressive world cannot consider North Korea, for example, a worthy counterweight to the United States of America. Also, many liberal people are repelled by the idea of a state opposing America with a totalitarian regime, such as China. Similarly, “Putin’s Russia”, although it is trying to assume the role of a world gendarme, but most of the world will resist this, because this “gendarme” adheres to views alien to most of the world, namely socialist ideology, as well as unacceptable ethical norms. For example, the brazen public lies of the country’s leader, the neglect of the lives of ordinary soldiers and civilians in military conflicts in the name of some high purpose of the state. A state that does not consider its citizens to be unique personalities, but considers them expendable material that can be sacrificed for the sake of winning a war, cannot arouse the sympathy and support of the entire civilized world. Therefore, they do not want to see Russia as a global “gendarme” and a counterweight to the United States. If the world really needs a second “gendarme”, then it could be a united Europe that would oppose America, would not allow it to promote its own interests to the detriment of the interests of the surrounding world.

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