Never ask anyone for anything – only offer. All people are selfish and think only of their own interests. This is an axiom. It is useless to resent it, disagree or try to change people. Just take it into consideration.

     For example, it’s silly to say: “Take me to work. I have not worked for a year. The money is over. I have nothing to pay for an apartment.” These are your problems and they absolutely do not concern your potential employer.

     It’s better to say this: “I read on the Internet that your company’s reputation has been greatly shaken because of the scandal. I know how to settle this incident and even wrap it up for you. I am a professional in PR technologies and will bring you great benefits”.

     Any employer will hire you for such words.

     As you are not asking him, but offering a deal, as a result of which you will both win.

     Always think about the interest of the interlocutor when you want to get something from him.

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