They say that the retinue makes a king.

     In fact, before this, the king makes a retinue (except, when the subordinates were imposed on him).

     Therefore, each subordinate is a reflection of some traits or qualities of his boss. In addition, every boss deserves his subordinate.

     I thought about this recently, when I had to talk with my friend’s assistant. A friend looks like a good person; anyway, I did not notice anything bad for him. However, when I saw how his assistant arrogantly talks with ordinary citizens and how strikingly he changes his tone when he finds out that a high-ranking official is talking to him, I realized that this man is copying the model of his boss’s behavior. My opinion of the acquaintance has changed.

     Do we often think that our brazen driving driver creates an opinion about ourselves? An uncomfortable and rude secretary can spoil the opinion of us among our visitors.

     Therefore, it is always necessary to select subordinates to make up for themselves.

     P.S. I dedicate this post to all my subordinates, who at different times worked under my leadership. I am proud of them all. Moreover, if they have flaws, then these are my shortcomings.

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