– Well, what are we going to do? How much do they owe you?

           – Just like they owe you, for three months.

           – And we have plowed on them day and night, wrote this damned program in hurry! And they dumped us like boys! Aren’t they pigs, huh?

           – They say the ministry let them down. The budget did not allocate money.

           – So what? And what can we do? Live poorly?! Go explain it to my children. Yours, by the way, also do not feed by air. In short, do whatever you want, but I’m not going to forgive such things.

           – What do you mean?

           – Yes, I put one surprise in the program. If they will not pay before the end of the week, they will find out what it means to exploit the proletarians for free.

           – They didn’t mean to be nasty. They will pay. I’m sure.

           – Listen, you will not go far away with your nobility and faith in humanity. By the way, where are you going? Sit down. Let me give you a ride.

           – No. Thank you. We are going different ways…

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