– Hello, Fidel!

     – Hello, Huber!

     – You are doing fine, Fidel! Today you declaimed such a fiery speech at the trial! Our whole party is proud of you. Especially we liked your point about dictator: “If he is not punished but continues to be the master of the state, the president, the prime minister, the senator, the general, the military and civilian chief, the executive power and the legislative power, the owner of lives and states, then justice does not exist … “.

     – Yes, Huber. When we win, everything will be different. Finally, we will breathe new life into the country. Everything will change!

     – Tell me, Fidel, will we never be like these retrogrades? Will not we repeat their sins? Will not we hold on to power with our teeth, will we respect the opposition, will we welcome new leaders, and will we hold elections and change every four years?

     – Of course, Huber! Otherwise, what are we better than this tyrant, which we will have to overthrow only through the revolution?

     – You know, the books say that those who came to power tend to usurp it.

     – This does not apply to us. After all, the power of the people is our main slogan. How can we win with the promise of a regular turnover of power and then do not change? It is impossible!

     – Still, I have doubts. After all, power is like a room with lepers. Many enter into it with the idea of ​​curing patients and all the changes in it, but after a while, they become infected with the power virus and become like their predecessors.

     – You know what, Huber? Take this.

     – What is it?

     – This is my nominal revolver. Let’s agree on one thing: if someday you hear from my lips the words of this dictator: “our society needs stability,” “there are no worthy replacements to the president”, “we have a special way of development” and so on, so I am infected and seriously ill. Come and shoot me. Do not pity me, because it will not be me anymore. Before you will be a monster. One of them. Promise me this, Huber.

     – I promise, Fidel.

     … Twenty years later…

     – Hello, Huber! How long have we seen each other! How are you?

     – Thank you, Fidel. Good.

     – I see that something is bothering you.

     – Fidel, I came to tell you that I have ceased to share your views and actions. You have changed. You have been in power for many years and are not going to leave.

     – Huber! How can I leave at such a difficult time for the country? It will be a betrayal of my people. At the crossing, horses are not changed.

     – For so many years of your rule, there were crises and blossoms. It seems to me that this reason does not prevent you from leaving.

     – Fear for the country holds me. Just imagine what will start here! These clans and groups will simply physically destroy each other and imprison. Chaos will begin. Moreover, the country now needs stability.

     – But did not you, Fidel, create all this? Have not you allowed to grow and to strengthen these clans, instead of developing democratic institutions? After the revolution, did not you have to create a system that does not depend on one person, on his mood and health? Did not we dream of democracy?

     – Huber, I am ready to cooperate with any sane and honest people. But where are they? Some – my former colleagues, who betrayed me, fled abroad and now pour me dirt from there. Is this decently? Is it possible to talk to such people? The second – corrupt officials. They stole and now they are in prison. Still others are inadequate, who call the people on the square and want to make a revolution. I had to put them in jail too. With whom to negotiate? There is no constructive opposition. I am sorry for the immodesty, but I do not have a worthy alternative.

     – But your predecessor said the same thing, and you fought against him. You fought for democracy.

     – No, Huber, this is a completely different situation. Then, over the years, I realized that you could not copy other people’s ready-made templates. We have our own way of development, not like the traditional understanding of democracy. Still, we have our own mentality. Do you understand?

     – Fidel, I brought you something.

     – What is it? Revolver?! Why did you bring it here? Are you crazy?!

     – Do not you remember our agreement?

     – What arrangement? Security!!! Take him! Arrest for an attempt on the president and for treason! Do not let anyone ever see me again! Let them turn to my assistants. Strengthen the guard! Do not let anyone come near me! These traitors sleep and see how to remove me and destroy our country!

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