With the development of market relations in any society, a stratification of the rich and poor is inevitable. It is natural as well as the fact that some of us are smarter, others are sillier, some are more goal-oriented, others are lazier, some are braver, others are more cautious. This is how it should be.

           But the general atmosphere in society, the relationship between rich and poor are important for both.

           The rich, if they do not want to feel jealousy in their everyday life, and therefore the hatred of others, should behave modestly, do not boast of their wealth, do not expose it to the show. You can live in a comfortable and spacious house, but not in the palace, you can ride a reliable and beautiful car, but not an exclusive model, you can dress expensive and tastefully, but not defiantly. Most millionaires in developed countries live exactly this way – modestly, wear jeans and t-shirts, dine with their families in ordinary restaurants.

           Such a model of behavior should become the norm for us.

           Poor people should not be proud of their poverty. Poverty in our society should mean only one: laziness (of course, if a person is not a disabled person, not a child or a pensioner of the Soviet era). Every poor person should know that he can become rich or at least wealthy, and just need to work for it.

           Wealth should be perceived as a sign of intelligence, diligence, perseverance.

           Only in this way the energy of the masses will be directed not at destroying other people’s wealth (dekulakization, nationalization), but at creating their own wealth, that is, in a creative track.

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