I myself am a Russian-speaking Kazakh.

I was born in the Russian city of Leninsk (Baikonur), studied at the Russian school, studied in Russian at the university, my work was mostly in the Russian-speaking environment.

I still think and speak better in Russian.

Personally, it would be beneficial for me that in Kazakhstan everyone would speak Russian and nothing would change.


Even a Russian-speaking Kazakh must have some concernsfor his nation, for his language, for his people.

Why should my people, Kazakhs, be infringed in their rights in their home country? Why not in all state bodies they can receive services in the state language? Why not in any store can they make a purchase, speaking in Kazakh? Why not in any pharmacy they can explain the recipe in their native language?

Why do some people consider the desire to speak Kazakh in the Kazakh language as inciting ethnic hatred?

Why do the Kazakhs, who demand service in the state language, are called chauvinists, although they do not demean any nationalities and forbid other languages? They just want to speak their own language and receive services on it.

Why do Kazakhs in their native land beg for the right to speak and be served in their native language? Is not it humiliating?

In what other country in the world any nationality has such a situation that gave the name to the state?

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