These days, in connection with Russia’s attack on Ukraine, there is an unprecedented surge of Russophobia around the world.

At a Czech university, a professor asked Russian students to leave before the start of classes and forbade them to appear at his lectures.

In Italy, the school principal invited the parents of the only Russian student of the first grade and asked them to pick up the child from school.

In Poland, at one of the gas stations, local residents blocked a truck with Russian license plates, cut its fuel hoses and pierced the wheels.

And I see dozens of such examples on the Internet every day.

I support the sanctions of many countries of the world against Russia. I also want the economy of the aggressor country to run out of steam so much that it could not refuel its tanks and planes with fuel and produce new shells that are raining down on Ukrainian peaceful neighborhoods.

But I am against indiscriminate Russophobia all over the world.

A person cannot be guilty just because he was born Russian. This is wrong.

After all, many Russians have left the world who are categorically against Putin and his fascist regime. Who openly performed in the squares of Russian cities and is now forced to wander the world to stay alive and free. Who left Russia even earlier because they could not live in an atmosphere of lies and hatred.

Among the Russians who are now in Europe, America and other countries of the world, there are Lia Akhedzhakova, Chulpan Khamatova, Boris Akunin, Sergey Lazarev, Andrey Makarevich, and Yuri Dud. Do they really need to puncture the wheels and expel their children from schools?

You can’t judge people by their origin, citizenship, nationality, or skin color.

Each person is different. Everyone should receive according to their merits and deeds.

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