South African sardines are small marine fish, about 20 cm long and weighing only 100 grams. They are food for many fish, animals and birds, such as dolphins, whales, gannets, cormorants.

     What is interesting. In a period of great migration along the southern and eastern coasts of Africa, about 5 billion sardines are gathered into a huge shoal 7 kilometers long, 1.5 kilometers wide and 30 meters thick. To make Astana citizen easier to understand, imagine a solid mass along the Kabanabai batyr avenue from Saltanat Sarayy to Nazarbayev University, the width from Baiterek to Khan Shatyr, as tall as the House of Ministries. And Almaty residents, imagine the distance from the Palace of the Republic to Lake Sayran on Abai Avenue; the width of the shoal, as from the Palace of the Republic to Park 28 Panfilovs, the thickness of the school, as the height of the Independence Monument.

     This huge solid mass moves several days along the shore. On this occasion, hundreds of dolphins gather here. They are in front of other sardines beat off small piles of their fellows and slowly eat. Whales with a swing cut into the thickness of the doorpost and swallow sardines in tons. Above, the birds dive into the water and pinch their piece of cake. In general, everyone who wants eats this fish.

     Sardines are primitive creatures. They do not have tactics and strategy. The goal of each fish is to survive, to save only themselves, so they just jam inside the joint and calm themselves with the thought: “Today they will eat someone else, but not me. I am going to be lucky today. ”

     If the sardines had communications, that is, if they could communicate with each other, if they had leaders whom everyone listened to, sardines would turn from food into a formidable force. Whether a joke, their total weight of 500 thousand tons. This is 2.5 thousand times the mass of the largest blue whale, not to mention the smaller their offenders. If the sardines could be organized, they could surround the whale, raise it with its mass and throw it ashore. They could surround the birds diving to them with a dense mass and not let them out to the surface. A few minutes later the birds would suffocate.

     Sardines could cope with any of their enemies. However … they cannot organize, they cannot unite. Therefore, they are just food for others.

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