Sometimes I hear these words:

“This blogger traveled half the country in search of scandalous stories. All the fields and forests have overgrown. Do you think he is working hard for the sake of good business? No way! For himself, for his own fame. And you, like devout hamsters, are liking him and writing eulogistic comments. He just uses you. Egoist!”.

“The famous singer gathers entire stadiums for his concerts? Fans are fighting for him? His songs are played on the radio and at weddings? So what? Do you think he is doing it for his people? Not at all! First of all, for his own glory and wealth. And the people are just a mass for him who buys tickets for his concerts and enriches him. Egoist!”.

“Kazakhstan athlete defeated everyone in the ring? Became a star of international tabloids? Got a fee of several million dollars? So what? Do you think he did all this for the country? Do you think he raised our flag for us? Not at all! He works hard for the sake of himself, him beloved! Look how he is showing off on TV! And he even is exhibiting his name on the chest! I suppose, he will not give the whole fees to the Motherland. For sure, he will leave most of it to himself. Clear business. Egoist!”.

“Why do you praise this businessman? He built half of the city! Provided apartments for hundreds of thousands of families! So what? Did he give these apartments for free? Of course not! He had a profit from every square meter! Egoist!”.

When I hear these words, every time I want to ask them: what have all these people done to us? What’s wrong with working hard for themselves and at the same time benefiting us?

Yes, in the depths of the soul, everyone is an egoist. It is impossible to fight against this, because selfishness is the continuation of the basic instinct. It sits deep in the subconscious of every person.

But most importantly, it’s also stupid to deal with it.

Yes, the blogger is trying for the sake of his fame, but what’s wrong with that, he reveals the ulcers of our society, finds out corrupt people and thieves, teaches fellow citizens of decency and good manners?

Yes, the pop star is chasing its own popularity, but what’s wrong with that while he entertains us, he cheers us up?

Of course, the businessman will not work for free. But in doing so, he creates the material wealth of the country, enables people to have a roof over their heads, creates jobs, pays taxes. Is it unprofitable for all of us?

And an athlete who won high titles, of course, first of all, satisfies his own pride and ego. He also receives material rewards. But what’s wrong with that, while he glorifies our Motherland, makes the whole world admire Kazakhstan?

In all these cases, someone’s personal selfishness works to our benefit. He helps us, meets some of our needs. So why should we fight him? Stigmatize him? Is not it more advantageous, on the contrary, to encourage, praise and raise it?

Of course, to certain limits. Exactly until personal egoism is directed to one side with public interests. As long as he benefits us.

For example, if a blogger begins to propagate racial or national hostility, then all his services in the fight against corruption will fade before the harm he will cause our society with his chauvinism.

If the singer starts acting unseemly on stage and shows an example of bad manners, arrogance, it is in our best interests not to encourage him but fight him, since he shows a bad example for our children.

If a well-known businessman for the sake of profit saves on labor protection, and people die at the construction site, then we must let him know that the benefits of his apartments are not worth the human lives. We must punish him.

If a famous athlete quits the sport, will start having partying lifestyle, then why do we need him? He does not bring glory to the country, he does not serve as an example to the younger generation. He will stop being useful to society.

So selfishness is strife to selfishness.

Let’s support the self-serving egoism that is beneficial to society, and condemn the harmful one.

Then both egoists and society will only benefit.

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