I often see state service cars next to the restaurants, fitness clubs, shops, and beauty salons. Sometimes not only civil servants themselves, but also their wives and children use them. For some reason, this is considered as the norm. State officials are not even embarrassed. They bravely order the drivers to wait for them late at the doorstep until dinner is over, or until they have a hairstyle. The apotheosis of this phenomenon can be considered a wedding cortege, composed entirely of ministerial official vehicles (if he had not seen, would not have believed it).

     Everybody can see this, and no one is indignant.

     In Europe, for just one snapshot of the official car of the state official, who takes his wife to the store, he would be fired with a scandal. Or rather force yourself to resign.

     Why is the same situation not here?

     When will we have a culture of civilized relations of officials to their position?

      I think it is not about just officials, but the whole society. So long as the public consciousness does not reach such a level that it will be not only illegal to abuse the official position, but also ashamed, it is useless to change the officials. Because the new officials will do the same.

      The public should sharply react to such facts of abuse: display photos on the Internet, publish the names of the officials convicted, and demand them to be held accountable.

      Otherwise, nothing will change.

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