I hated servility all my life. I think that it is humiliating for the worshiper and insulting to the object of worship.

     I remember when I worked as a chief in one organization; a young man came to work for us. Before that, he worked in the law enforcement.

     I was shocked at how his brain was filled with fear of superiors and servility. Whenever I appeared he would jump up and stand to attention, if I asked something, he would answer in monosyllables, and explain the details while stammering, blushing, embarrassed.

     I had enough of that. I called him into my office and talked with him in a friendly, casual manner. I explained that I’m not a God (I think he sincerely believed it), patted him on the shoulder (I read in one book that tactile contact breaks down barriers), and joked a little bit. Basically, I tried to put him at ease.

     It got better after that. He stopped being afraid of me, although remained respectful. Started joking and smiling at me more. Basically became a normal person.  

     Now he is an independent and confident person, a leader.

     I really hope that he will not produce slaves around himself, but will be an easy approachable boss just like me, and will hate servility. 

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