There are so many beautiful, kind, pure people around us!

             But we will never know about them, because they are silent and do not reveal.

             They are silent, when someone curses next to their children.

             They are silent when the weak is hurt next to them.

             They are silent when injustice and crimes are committed in their eyes.

             They are silent.

             Although they are kind and decent deep inside. They just do not want to ruin their mood, do not want to look bitchy, do not want to create problems for themselves.

             What a pity that these people will live a long happy life next to us, grow old and die without saying a word or doing anything in their essence.

             We will never know how kind they were.

“I am one of those who hid behind the door,

Who could go, but does not go any further,

Who could say, but only waits in silence,

Who gave up and does not believe in anything.

I am the one whose mind lives in the past.

I’m the one whose voice is deaf and therefore

Does not call for shining peaks.

I’m kind, but I did not do good to anyone … ”

(the group “Sunday”).

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