When you read many books about spirituality and accept them, you penetrate these ideas, you begin to grow spiritually.

       But sometimes this spirituality does not extend to your daily life, does not reach small everyday things.

       Today, when I returned to my car in the parking lot of the shopping center, I found that the owner of the next car scratched my brand-new beauty with his door.

       I was filled with anger. My first desire was to knock back his car so as to scratch her too. Or do something else.

       But at the very last second I managed to stop myself. I calmed down and wondered why this man did this? Surely, it happened by chance, and he knocked my car not specifically. Or maybe he opened his own door, because he was upset or excited? So this man can only sympathize. Is it worth it to aggravate his life? I think no. What will I achieve by my revenge? Nothing but the consolation of his ego and the generation of a new evil is already in his soul.

       I left the parking lot without doing anything to this person, but with a huge sense of satisfaction that I won anger and vindictiveness in myself.

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