The inevitable stages of industry development are as follows:

           We sell raw materials – we buy goods (banana republic);

           We sell raw materials – we buy goods and equipment;

           We sell raw materials and goods – we buy equipment and technologies;

           We sell goods and equipment – we buy technologies and innovations;

           We sell technologies and innovations – we buy goods.

           Almost all developing countries have gone through these stages.

          China started in the automotive industry with a simple assembly of foreign models. Then it started to buy technology. Now China is the world’s second largest car manufacturer, having dozens of own brands.

           Turkey started with the import of European technologies, and today it delivers the equipment to neighboring countries.

          Japan, South Korea… practically all developing countries have traveled this path.

          Of course, this is an enlarged scheme. In fact, even highly developed countries sell raw materials and buy innovations.

          But the trend is shown correctly, I think.

          We are now in the middle of this path. It is practically impossible to skip stages in this scheme. The thing is not just that you need to prepare financially (get rich) and technologically (buy lots of equipment), you also need to prepare socially. It is impossible to raise generations of people of a new format in a few short years. We still do not have a working class as such, our own engineering corps has not yet been formed, let alone scientists to work with the latest technologies.

         We need time and energy.

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