In one dark forest, there lived a wolf. His fur was gray, that is why he was nicknamed the Gray Wolf. The Gray Wolf had a family: a wolf-wife and four cubs. They all loved each other and lived together: the wolf produced food, the she-wolf fed the cubs with the milk, and the cubs frolicked around the den.

     Then hard times came. People cut down half of the forest and killed all the fowl. It was hard for the Gray Wolf to hunt rabbits and deer. He was completely exhausted. Without food, his wolf with their cubs also weakened. They began to whimper sadly all day long from hunger and clung to their mother and father. The heart of the proud Gray Wolf was clinging to it in anguish, and tart tears flowed down his gray muzzle.

     Then he decided to go back to the hunt and get food at any cost. He knew that if he did not get something today, his family would starve to death.

     Here the Gray Wolf decides to run through the forest, and towards him – a little girl named Red Cap. He wanted to attack her, but he felt sorry for her. After that, he decided to talk to her.

     – Hello, Little Red Cap. Where are you going? – He asks her.

     – To my grandmother, – she replies. The wolf thought that it is better to eat her grandmother, and found out from the Little Red Cap where her grandmother lives. He ran quickly to her grandmother’s house, pretended to be a Little Red Cap, went into her house and swallowed grandmother in swath. By such way, he wanted to bring her grandmother entirely to his children in the den.

     At this time, the Little Red Cap came. The Gray Wolf remembered his wolf and decided that he had to bring more food home and swallowed a little girl, too.

     At the same time, the lumberjacks passed by the grandmother’s house. They heard a noise in the house, ran into it and killed the Gray Wolf. Then they also ripped open his stomach and pulled out of him a grandmother and a Red Cap.

     When they all left, the exhausted she-wolf and four small cubs came to the grandmother’s house. They saw the dead Gray Wolf and realized that they had nowhere to expect rescue from hunger. They lay down beside him, curled up in a ball, cuddle up to each other and slept soundly.

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