– Dad, you say we have to stand up for the weak and those who are offended. And imagine that I am returning home in the evening, and someone is grabbing a girl in the yard and dragging her into a dark corner. What should I do?

         – What do you mean by “what”? Of course, you should stick up for her.

         – And what if this guy has a knife?

         – Grab any stick, stone, anything, and hit him. If he has a knife, you will be forgiven.

         – And if there are two or three of them?

         – Then run to the street for help, call the men, and attack them together.

         – And if it’s night, and there’s no one on the street? I will not have time to call anyone. After all, I can be killed or wounded. Are not you scared about me?

         – What can you do, my son? You have to do something anyway. If you pretend that you have not seen anything and pass by, then you will not be able to live with yourself after it. You’ll never persuade your conscience to forget that girl.

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