Here is my definition of terrorism:

     Terrorism is powerless anger.

     Why anger?

     Because in all cases of terrorism, some group of people are dissatisfied with the existing state of affairs, embittered by this and trying to change the existing order of things.

     Why powerless?

     Because, according to these people’s opinions, legal changes are impossible, therefore they resort to illegal, illegal methods of terror.

     Based on this formula, how to fight terrorism? Rather, how to prevent it?

     It is necessary to eradicate both sides of the components: both anger and a sense of powerlessness.

     To eradicate anger, it is necessary to show (prove, inspire) that the evil against which terrorists are fighting is not really evil. For example, Islamic terrorists are convinced that the modern Western way of life is the embodiment of the fall of morals, debauchery and immorality. They believe that only deeply religious people can be honest, decent, and spiritual. They want the triumph of their moral values ​​throughout the world. In this case, honestly, honestly, decently and spiritually, there can be a Christian, a Buddhist, and even an atheist. All these faiths can easily get along with each other, not dominant and not oppressing each other. The best evidence of this is the current situation in the US, Europe and even in Kazakhstan.

     To eradicate powerlessness in the understanding of terrorists, one must channel their energy into a creative channel. It is necessary to create conditions for them to achieve their truth not by weapons, but by democratic methods. For example, the Irish, the Basques and the Uighurs should not seek independence with acts of terrorism, but with referendums, as is currently done in Spanish Catalonia (true, for this it is necessary for society to reach a level of high level of consciousness and tolerance so that in a national referendum from part of the secession). Another example – Muslims need to be persuaded that the only right way to move the society to a more Puritan way of life is peaceful benevolent exhortations. It is exhortations, not terrorist attacks. Then their energy will be directed to propaganda, volunteering, charity and so on – all that much more effectively inclines the surrounding to Islam, rather than violence and terrorist acts.

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