President Nursultan Nazarbayev proposed giving Kazakhstan a second title: “The Country of the Great Steppe.”

      Some journalists incorrectly interpreted the words of the President and presented this initiative as an attempt to change the name “Kazakhstan” to a new one.

      I do not think so.

      This is about the second, informal name of the country. Just as China has the second informal name “Celestial”, Japan is called the Land of the Rising Sun, South Korea is the Country of morning freshness, etc.

      Personally, I support this idea.

      Our country is mostly steppe and it is the steppe that conveys the main distinguishing feature of our historical identity – the nomadic way of life.

      In turn, the nomadic way of life is a sign of mobility, readiness for change.

      On the other hand, the Great Steppe on the subconscious level is associated with space, will, freedom and independence.

      I like.

      The country of the Great Steppe.

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