One of the creations of the Kremlin propaganda says that the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) secretly gave permission to some American athletes (for example, Williams sisters) to use illegal drugs, while Russian athletes were banned. And the supposedly heroic efforts of the hacker group called “Fancy Bears” helped to uncover this injustice.

     And now comes the truth.

     WADA never did anything in secret. Athletes receive permission for the use of certain medications officially on the basis of the recommendations of their sports physicians and the conclusion of the WADA commission. Serena Williams did receive permission to use drugs such as prednisolone, but only because she has asthma, and she needs this medicine, like any asthma patient. By the way, in the WADA itself there are heated discussions about whether asthmatics should be allowed to take such medications. Some say that it is necessary, otherwise asthmatics will not be able to compete, and this is discrimination. Others say that such permission opens the way to abuse by asthmatics and puts healthy people in an unequal position. In any case, these are normal and understandable discussions that take place in any organization. There is nothing secret or malicious in this.

     As for permissions. Any athlete can get (and gets) them, if he proves that he needs this drug for health reasons. As in the example with asthmatic Serena Williams. This right was also used by Russian athletes. For example, in 2015, 25 permissions were obtained.

     So, then what is the scandalous hacker attack of “Fancy Bears”?

     Only the fact that they published data on the state of health of athletes. That is, the same information about Serena Williams asthma is confidential. Just like none of us wants the information about his illnesses to be spread all around. That’s what WADA employees accuse the hackers of, and not the disclosure of some behind-the-scenes machinations.

     Another Kremlin hoax is uncovered.

     Unfortunately, not knowing English by the majority of Russian (and Kazakh) citizens remains the same fertile soil for the creation of such hoaxes, as well as the “Iron Curtain” in the recent past. The tactic is the same: lying as much as possible, no one can check it anyway.

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