Recently a friend of mine showed me some photos from an event. Proud, he told me that he was sitting at one table with the director of the department of one national company, the chief of service in the law enforcement agency, and so on. “Important people,” he said, “they are aware of their worth. And they behave the way that makes you understand they are important.” Suddenly I noticed a familiar face in the photo. “Oh, was he there, too?”, I said. “Yes. But who is it?”, my friend asked. “He did not introduce himself and sat modestly all evening, he was polite with everyone, but he said nothing of his position.” “This is my former colleague, the vice minister. A wonderful man,” I replied. “Vice Minister?!”, my friend was shocked, “but his position is higher than that of all the people sitting next to him, and yet he behaved more modestly than everyone else.” “This is what I respect him for,” I said, “I have known him for many years. Even before the civil service. With all his positions and titles, his behavior never changes. He always remains human. This is his main title, and he never sets it aside.”

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