As in any society, there are people in Kazakhstan who have been given wealth or fame at birth. These are the sons or daughters of millionaires, show stars or politicians. They can be called “princes”.

          The advantageous starting position of the “princes” irritates many people. It seems unfair that, having done nothing with their own hands or brains, they already have a certain starting capital in the form of paternal millions or mother’s fame. Of course, it’s easier for them to add millions to millions of dollars or fans. But justice here is that princes are a merit and a reward to their parents. Parents tried to ensure the financial security to their children all their lives, and they got it. It would be unfair to deprive them of this happiness. Therefore, I think, we must accept the existence of “princes”, treat them not as subjects, but as products of someone’s activity. Until they prove by their hard work, that they are worthy to become “kings.”

          But, of course, special respect of people is deserved by “self-made people”. These are people who were born in ordinary families, and have achieved everything themselves in this life. In public opinion, they should be raised on the podium. They should be an example of purposefulness and perseverance, and they should become a demonstration of equality of opportunities in the country for the authorities.

          During the years of independence, we witnessed the ascent of many “self-made people” to the business Olympus.

           For example, Nurlan Smagulov, the owner of the company “Astana Motors” and the network of shopping centers “Mega”. He started business when he was a student without any patronage. Now he is a millionaire and a well-known businessman in the country.

           Rakhimbayev Aidyn, co-founder and the head of BI Group. Once he started as a simple carpenter at a rural construction site, and today his company is the largest real estate developer of Astana, which builds several residential complexes a year.

           Vasiliy Samoilovich Rozinov, the owner of the group of companies “Ivolga” (Oriole). He began his labor activity as a simple agronomist of the collective farm. And today he is the largest owner of arable land in Kazakhstan.

            We should be proud of such people and set them as an example for our children. They prove that if you have strong will and perseverance in this life, then everything is possible. And if you always nod only to the “princes” and grumble that someone is lucky in their life, then you will not achieve anything except grumbling and useless envy.

             P.S. The concept of “prince” should not be applied to children of government officials. Posts should not be inherited. They should go only to “self-made people”, even if they are children of high-ranking officials.

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