Questions of faith and religion have interested mankind from time immemorial. Disputes about God do not abate today, hundreds of thousands of years after the first signs of religion appeared.

They also worry me, a convinced atheist.

I often become a participant in discussions on this topic.

Over the years, I have formed my own vision of the world, humanity, and religion. I express it in fragments in various discussions. But gradually there was a desire to bring together disparate thoughts and arguments into one material accessible to a wide range of people.

In what form should it be presented?

Write a long text? But no one reads long texts. And too many diverse issues have accumulated around religion. Not everyone is equally interested in them.

Then the idea arose to make a series of small materials on individual topics in the form of an appeal to their listeners.

Priests call such speeches sermons. Well, well. In order to be on the same wavelength with my opponents, I’ll call my speeches sermons, too. The sermons of an atheist. There will be several of them, and they will be on different topics, but they will all be about religion.

So, my friends, as believers would say, with God!

I’ll just say: good luck!

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